Penny went home from get off work and didn’t see her husband. She ran to the dog cage to take a look and said angrily: “You can live with him forever!”

Nowadays, more and more people start to keep pets and treat them as their own children. They not only take good care of them, but also take them to play around, and even sleep with them. Some owners even put their beloved pets First in my heart.

There are many kinds of pets, and one of the most popular pets is of course dogs. Because dogs are very spiritual, it is very suitable for people to be companions, and most people who feel lonely choose dogs as companions. The dog seems to understand the owner’s words, understand the owner’s mood, and be able to comfort the owner. There are many stories about the owner and the dog. Let’s take a look at an interesting story about the owner and the dog. I believe you will also have the laughter.

A penny has a very cute Shiba Inu at home. She and her husband like it very much, but Penny is very busy at ordinary times, so most of this Shiba Inu is taken care of by her husband. Over time, my husband became more and more intimate with the dog, and liked it more and more, and the relationship with the dog became deeper and deeper. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as “like glue and paint”.
One day when Penny came home from work, she shouted a few times and no one answered her husband, and she didn’t see her husband. Usually when she came home to open the door, the dogs would happily ran over to greet her home, but they didn’t see her today. With the figure of a dog, Penny thought her husband took Shiba Inu for a stroll.

Just as Penny was going to the kitchen to cook, she inadvertently glanced at the kennel but found a familiar figure. Penny walked into the dog cage and realized that it was his husband and the dog sleeping soundly back to back! But the dog cage is too small and the dogs are so crowded that they have no place to sleep. It is estimated that the dog’s heart is also very broken.

Penny felt so angry and funny at the time. What was so angry about how her husband could sleep with the dog like this, she felt jealous, and sighed helplessly: I really want to beat him up! The laughing thing is that now my husband really treats Shiba Inu as his own child, and this funny scene made me run into it, so Penny secretly took the photo and saw her husband sleeping so soundly, but didn’t wake him up.

She looked at these candid photos and felt hot eyes inexplicably. She also explained that her husband had slept with the dog in the dog cage more than once. She couldn’t help him. She really wanted to beat him up and let him sleep forever. Don’t go back to the bedroom there. Of course, he also loves dogs very much. After dinner every day, he and her husband will take Shiba Inu to the community for a walk.

Not only did the above Penny encountered such a thing, there was also a Penny who encountered a similar situation after get off work, but the husband and the dog fell asleep in their own bedroom, it seems that the family status is really not guaranteed!

Seeing here, do you really want to keep pets? People who keep pets should also pay attention to hygiene, disinfect their homes often, and wash them frequently, and take care of their health and the health of their pets.

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