Camino Winds Hardcover

Love a good Grisham novel! This is not a legal thriller, but a murder mystery set on Camino Island. It is the second book in this series but can absolutely be read as a stand alone. It is a fun, twisty read that I read in a weekend.
Bruce Cable returns in this book after his adventure Camino Island. He is the owner of Bay Books, the indie bookstore that everybody wants to visit. The store is about to welcome back Mercer Mann, the writer with a connection to the Island. But Hurricane Leo has other ideas and is headed straight for them. Most people head for the mainland but Bruce stays to try to protect his store.
In the aftermath of the storm. Bruce is told of the death of writer and friend Nelson Kerr. At first look it appears that it was the storm that killed him but the closer they look the more it appears to be murder. Local police get nowhere with the case so Bruce and his friends start investigating . Who would want Nelson dead and why? Could his unpublished manuscript hold the key?
I really enjoyed this fast paced and thrilling story. Grisham fans will love it, even if it is not a legal thriller. His writing is brilliant and his characters full of life. Highly recommend.