3 kinds of flowers suitable for long-term bloom


Raise a flower is the thing that everybody likes very much, can edify sentiment not only, still can beautify the environment, especially those who have a courtyard in the home is more beautiful garden, introduce a few kinds of flowers that suit a courtyard for everybody today.


It is a very popular family flower, not only because it has a long flowering period, but also because it blooms beautifully, especially in the summer and autumn, when it is in full bloom.The flower that whole plant produces is bright and matchless, very attractive.


A flowers can be colorful, this can be after the later grafting, there are different colors of the branches on the plant, grafting success, branches out of different colors of flowers.Isn’t it beautiful?

Trigonometric plum likes light, the light is stronger, the plant grows potential more exuberant, the flower opens more, want trigonometric plum to blossom quickly, can do proper control water to it, control water is to let trigonometric plum’s plant be in the condition that basin soil is dry, stop watering period of time, discover branch leaf some curl sends drooping again next watering.Water is then transported to the flowering branches.The branch will develop flower bud slowly, wait until the flowering period triangle plum will be full of branches.

2. Wisteria

Wisteria flowering is purple, very rich and auspicious, it is very easy to breed and grow, if the courtyard area has dozens of square meters, then we can choose to use bamboo or wood, or cement column to build a climbing for flowers climbing vine bracket, for its climbing.Can also climb directly along the wall, direct change flower wisteria wall flower.


Wisteria flowering vine is very fast, we must be timely pruning, let it grow more branches, so as to bloom more, wisteria flower in the curing process, to give it sufficient light, it is very light.

Wisteria reproduction method is very simple, want to kind of a tree, from the mother cut off a section of above branches, cutting into the sand, moist, quickly takes root, planting, soil permeability and drainage, very nutritious, it’s very like full sun and in addition it is hardy, but be careful not to let the soil water, feed it more, get it flowering more.



Clematis species, a variety of colors, are very beautiful, climbing plants, a good plant can also open hundreds of flowers.Clematis suitable for raising the balcony, also suitable for raising the yard.Clematis grow fast, large amount of flowering, in the growth, give it traction branches, build a flower frame, flowering is really special beauty.


Clematis grow very quickly in the spring, every few days.Flower friends must remember to tie its branches back together, or they will become entangled.Will affect the growth and flowering, the more tightly the twigs become more difficult to separate.Clematis and most lianas are the same, it is easier to feed, because it has its own tenacious vitality and reproductive capacity, but in the pruning to pay more attention to, when it grows too long when too much, to timely cuttings and pruning.