What should I do in the midst of these global crisis like Covid-19?


  1. Focus on physical health. Daily exercising and stretching would be of great help.
  2. Focus on mental health. Lockdown anf covid situation is taking a toll on mental health of many people with or without their knowledge. One could start meditating and also try to find a workaround for this issue.
  3. Self love. I found this during lockdown. This is really important. You should start loving yourself more because I believe that this pandemic has made people realise that life itself is a gift and a blessing.
  4. Learning new hobbies. One could start learning new musical instruments, painting, gardening, cooking, landscaping, star watching, learning new languages, etc..
  5. Learning about financial management. This would be the most important skill in life according to me. This lockdown has taught that savings are very important.
  6. Spending time with family. Many people got a chance to reunite with family. This is probably the time where we get to spend this much amount of time with family again after our childhood, especially for people working outside their natives.
  7. Doing nothing. This is also important. Just sitting idle and observing the world outside. Listening to chirping of birds, talking of animals, sound of the water, wind. This actually heals scars
  8. Helping the needy. Donating money for the needy so that the society as a whole can be helped.
  9. Reading. Trust me this is a habit that would change anyone’s life. Reading more books in any genre of your choice would broaden the horizon of knowledge.
  10. Connecting with old friends. This is something which I did. This helped me immensely. I started connecting with my school buddies, college friends and childhood friends. This helped me a lot. Friends are always important.