How to plant Graptopetalum ‘Purple Delight’ better?


1. Proper watering
This kind of succulent is also a common species, belonging to Crassulaceae plants, which are generally domesticated, can be potted, and the value of viewing is not bad. But what happened to the soft leaves?

Generally, it is caused by improper watering, and meat does not like too much water, so it is usually appropriate to pour. When the potted soil is white, it must be poured, and it is more. If the potted soil is wet, do not pour it. Or reduce the amount of watering.

2. Insufficient light
Graptopetalum is a plant that likes light. It usually receives light so that it can grow better. If you do not receive light for a long time, the result will also cause the leaves to become soft, but you should also pay attention to the light, not too strong light. For example, in the summer, even if you move out, you need to be shaded, and you can raise it under astigmatism.

3. The soil is not suitable
This kind of fleshyness is required for a good flower pot in the soil. For example, the choice of the size of the flower pot depends on the specific size of the plant. If the plant is large, choose a large flower pot, if the volume is small, choose a small flower pot , Just choose according to the plant size. The other is the soil. The nutrients in the soil must be sufficient. The soil needs to be replaced when the pot is changed, so as to ensure that the leaves do not become soft.

Otherwise, the soil in the pot will be hardened, that is, it will not be absorbed when watering or fertilizing. The leaves on the roots cannot absorb nutrients, and the leaves on the top will not grow well, changing from the original thick leaves. It ’s soft, it ’s definitely not going to work, so it ’s time to change the basin.

4. The environment is too boring
This kind of potted plant likes a ventilated and light environment. If the environment is too stuffy, the leaves will be soft. For example, if it is placed in an environment that is neither ventilated nor lit, the space is too closed, so that the succulent leaves will also become soft. of.

Normally, it is necessary to place the fleshy properly, not in a dark and unventilated environment. It can be placed in the living room or on the balcony, which is helpful for the growth of fleshy. However, it should also be noted that it should not be placed under the big sun, especially in summer, because the strong light may burn the leaves, so it is necessary to do a good job of shading and raise it under astigmatism.