How to maintain camellia?


1. The normal bud period of Camellia
Camellia does not open slowly, and flower friends should not be too anxious, because the pregnancy bud period of Camellia is very long, it takes 6-8 months, wait patiently, take good care, it will always bloom.
2. Lack of phosphate fertilizer
Before flowering camellia, it is necessary to increase the application of flower fertilizer to supplement it with nutrients required for flowering. However, too much nitrogen fertilizer cannot be applied, otherwise it will make its branches and leaves grow vigorously, and the buds that grow out are difficult to bloom.
It is recommended to reduce the frequency of nitrogen fertilizer before flowering, and apply some phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to it. When applying flower fertilizer, pay attention to thin fertilizer application, not too thick flower fertilizer, otherwise it may burn its root system.

3. Appropriate removal of weak buds
Because many buds grow on the plant, the nutrients contained in the plant are not enough to support all flower buds to bloom. It is recommended to loosen the buds of the camellia and cut off too many buds on the plant. It is best to keep only one bud on each branch.
4. Keep the room temperature at 50-59 ° F
Camellia buds can only bloom normally when the temperature reaches a certain condition. If the ambient temperature for maintaining it is too low, it will be difficult to bloom. It is recommended to move it indoors or take certain measures to maintain the temperature at 50-59 ° F to provide it with warm growth conditions.


The camellia leaves have fallen so badly, what happened?
1. Excessive watering
Too much watering, the accumulation of water in the pot will cause the camellia to lose its leaves. Wait until the potted soil is white and dry before watering. You can use chopsticks to insert 2 cm into the potting soil and pull out the chopsticks. If the chopsticks stick to the wet soil, you don’t need to water.

2. No ventilation
In winter, indoor doors and windows are tightly closed. If the ventilation is not good all the time, the indoor air quality will be poor, and the camellia will be in a sultry environment, which will cause the leaves to fall. It is recommended to maintain good indoor ventilation and maintain fresh air.
3. Root rot
Unreasonable application of water and fertilizers of camellia will cause problems in the roots. Once the roots rot, the absorption and transportation functions will be affected, causing growth problems, and the old leaves will not have water and fertilizer to grow. It is recommended to apply water and fertilizer correctly, to maintain a moderate amount of water, pay attention to the concentration of fertilizer, do not apply fertilizer.
4. The environment has changed
If you suddenly change the location of Camellia during the curing process, the surrounding environment changes, causing the Camellia to become unsuitable, which may cause some old leaves to fall. You can move the camellia to a half shade, spray water appropriately, and it will recover after a while.

Camellia suddenly buds, what’s going on?
1. The soil is too dry
Camellia is suitable for growing in moist soil. If the water is not watered for a long time, the potted soil is too dry. Camellia will definitely drop the flower bud if it lacks water. The soil must be kept moist at all times to have a good growth, so once the soil is slightly dry, you can water it. At the same time, it should not be watered too much. Although it likes moisture, it is afraid of water accumulation.

2. Soil is alkaline
Camellia is fond of acidic soil, if the soil is alkaline, it will fall off the bud. Florists can irrigate the roots with a 0.2% ferrous sulfate solution and use it once a week.
3. Frequently move the position
Always move flowers around, Camellia is too late to adapt to the changing environment, it will drop buds.