How to plant peony?


The veteran of peony planting knows that peony is very difficult to plant, and it is difficult to germinate the “peony seed”. To grow peony into a famous flower with national fragrance, it is very important to master the peony planting technology. How to plant peony?

Method / Step
For peony flowers, there is a saying: “Can harvest 80% tender, not 90% old.” The main reason is that peony seeds are developed from ovules in the ovary, generally mature and strong in August and mid-August each year The rate decreased due to the increased degree of petalization of the pistil and stamens, and it was not even strong. After the seeds reached a certain degree of maturity, their germination rate decreased as the degree of maturity increased. The sowing time is late. The epicotyls of peony seeds are dormant, and can be harvested from late July to mid-August. They should be harvested immediately after sowing, and the germination rate will be reduced too early or too late. I estimate that your seeds may be too low if they are stored for too long.

One disadvantage of the seed propagation of peony flowers is that they bloom late and the soil in Hengshui is a bit alkaline. The reproduction of peony flowers can be done by sowing method, ramification method or grafting method. But the time of sowing is too long. From the time of sowing, it will take 4-5 years to see the flowers; peony in some areas is difficult to live long, and it is difficult for novices to wait. If the measures are not appropriate, it will be difficult to grow even after germination, so peony The method of planting flower seeds is the most difficult.

The planting of peonies should not be too deep during the planting process, preferably 3 to 4 cm. After sowing, the covering soil should be flat with the ground, commonly known as “seeds entering the soil, but no deeper than five” (5 cm). Then, lightly pour the soil and pour water through it. In winter, it should be covered with valley grass, leaves, or horse dung, or covered with plastic film to keep warm, keep moisture, and protect against cold. The next year, after the peony sprouts unearthed, the seedlings were exposed to the ground. The weak people produced only a small leaf, while the strong people could produce 2 to 3 leaves.
Peony is a deep-rooted deciduous shrub flower. It likes sunlight, cold resistance, loves cool environment and avoids high temperature and heat. It is suitable for growing in loose, fertile and well-drained sandy soil. It has a certain ability to resist drought but not tolerate moisture. Avoid planting in low-lying areas with accumulated water. If there is too much water in the soil, its fleshy roots will easily rot.

The peony’s characteristic is “four should be four afraid”, that is, it should be cool and cold, warm and hot, light and shade, dry and wet. Therefore, planting peony should choose a spacious and ventilated place with sunshine in the morning and fertile and loose soil. It should not be planted in stagnant water, wet land or rubble land.