Which jasmine plant has the most fragrance?


Common White Jasmine Is the Most Fragrant.

The common white jasmine was brought back to England from India by explorer Vasca da Gama in the 16th century. It soon became a hit with English gardeners who were wild about the fragrance and the beautiful flowers that bloom from summer into fall.

During the 16th century, explorer Vasco da Gama was the first person to sail directly from Europe to India. He had been commissioned by the king of Portugal to find a maritime route to the East. Luckily, he was not only an explorer but also a flower lover and had the foresight to bring some Jasminum officinale (common white jasmine) back to England from India.

Soon after, English gardeners were delighted to have this fragrant flower covering their landscapes. From the very beginning, this flower’s claim to fame was its sweet, perfumy smell, which is unmistakable, despite there being over 200 different species of jasmine and not all of them are heavily scented. All species are native to tropical and warm temperate regions of Eurasia, Australasia, and Oceania.

Note: Some other names of the common white jasmine include true jasmine, poet’s jasmine, hardy jasmine, and Jessamine.

Jasminum polyanthum, also known as pink jasmine or white jasmine, is an evergreen twining climber native to China and Burma. It produces an abundance of reddish-pink flower buds in late winter and early spring, followed by fragrant five-petalled star-like white flowers which are about 2 cm in diameter.