In this corner of the house, put a few pots of flowers on it.


Spring is a good time to raise flowers, and now many flower markets also began to work again, after a depressed winter, flower friends can go to the flower market to buy a few pots of flowers to decorate their own house to decorate – today flowers will teach everyone how to use these places indoor spending flowers. Want to dress up well in the house, follow the flowers to learn it.

1, Living room table

Many living rooms will be installed on the wall some table, can put some small ornaments or potted flowers. Generally in this environment to raise flowers, we should raise some relatively small size, decorative than the strong sense of flowers, such as copper money grass, mirror grass, or some meaty plants.


The light in the living room is certainly not as strong as the window sill sits on the south side, and the flo


wer friends can raise some flowers that are more resistant to yin and yin, such as the wire, the antlers are also possible.

2, Living room corner

In fact, decoration when the most headache is the corner of the living room, the corner of the light is not good, put the pieces afraid of the children at home to fall, as well as a few pots of flowers. Living room corner flowers, can not raise some poisoned flowers, some flowers normal maintenance is not toxic, but the root juice can not be eaten, especially in the home has children, but also to prevent accidental food. Such as daffodils, tiger thorns, drip ping-sounding these flowers can not be raised.


We can raise some green or peony hanging orchids in the corner of the home, these flowers are relatively safe, and peony hanging orchids can usually eat it, even if it is slightly eaten a little has no connection.

3, On the wall

The green sphems on the walls and the green plants on the living room stand are a bit like that, but the green plants on the walls have a little more room for choice. Now many people will choose flowers as the soft decoration of the home, nailed a few small holes in the wall hanging flower pots, raising some hanging flowers, such as chiba hanging orchids, wire ferns, pearl hanging orchids, etc. , are a better choice.

Flowers have also seen someone hanging hydroponic green on the wall of the living room, in fact, this feeling a little worried, in case of falling can be whole. If flower friends also want to try, pay attention to safety Oh!

4. Bookshelf

Many families have a study, the bookshelves inside the book placed books, it is also a bit monotonous, flower friends can be on the summer vacation to raise some flowers. Wenzhu is a very good choice, its branches are soft, look very light, very suitable for readers, if there is a position on the shelf, flowers are suggested that we can raise a pot of bamboo. In addition to bamboo, on the bookshelf can also raise some hanging plants, such as love vines, do not need strong sunlight can be raised very well, want to add some green flower friends on the bookshelf, you can also try this Oh


5, Floating window

Some people will turn the floating window into a small nest of books, some people will make the floating window into a small world of flowers. If the window is southbound, flowers are more recommended for flowers, adequate lighting, flowers are more suitable, suitable flowers are also many. Flower friends can make good use of, such as sunflowers, bowllotus, triangular plums these strong positive flowers, flower friends can be placed on the light-filled window above, the president of the better Oh

Each of the family’s five locations has suitable flowers, do the floris remember? Next back to the flower market, see where their home and corner suitable for what flowers, in advance to prepare, strive to buy the right flowers once!