What are some scented plants we can grow at home?


Best Fragrant Flowers to Grow in Your Garden

Dianthus. A low-growing perennial with a spicy vanilla aroma, dianthus flowers are often called “pinks” due to the fringed look of their petals, which appear to have been cut with pinking shears.The species are mostly herbaceous perennials, a few are annual or biennial, and some are low subshrubs with woody basal stems. The leaves are opposite, simple, mostly linear and often strongly glaucous grey green to blue green. The flowers have five petals, typically with a frilled or pinked margin, and are (in almost all species) pale to dark pink. One species, D. knappii, has yellow flowers with a purple centre. Some species, particularly the perennial pinks, are noted for their strong spicy fragrance.

Sweet Alyssum.Alyssum is a mat-forming plant with dense clusters of tiny, sweetsmelling flowers. With little effort and expense, this plant will give you the most fragrance in your garden for a minimum investment; although it’s low to the ground, the intense scent floats through the air.


Rose.The main constituents of attar of roses are the fragrant alcohols geraniol and L-citronellol and rose camphor, an odorless solid composed of alkanes, which separates from rose oil.[15] β-Damascenone is also a significant contributor to the scent.

Honeysuckle.Honeysuckles are valued as garden plants, for their ability to cover unsightly walls and outbuildings, their profuse tubular flowers in early summer, and the intense fragrance of many varieties. The hardy climbing types need their roots in shade, and their flowering tops in sunlight or very light shade. 

Scented Primrose.It is the flower of fairies, of the Norse goddess Freya, and the foliage stuff of many legends and lore. And it smells like spring; cool but sunny, sweet but slightly tangy like an orange lollipop.

Plumeria.Plumeria flowers are most fragrant at night in order to lure sphinx moths to pollinate them.

Lilac (Butterfly Bush).The lilac is a very popular ornamental plant in gardens and parks, because of its attractive, sweet-smelling flowers, which appear in early summer just before many of the roses and other summer flowers come into bloom.

Phlox.Some flower in spring, others in summer and fall. Flowers may be pale blue, violet, pink, bright red, or white. Many are fragrant.