tarteguard sunscreen US 50ml

I swear by this product.It’s amazing!My favorite, everyday, go-to sunscreen!I honestly love this! I need to use a mineral sunscreen because chemical sunscreens sting my face and as a very fair skinned gal sunscreen is a must. It blends in really well, works great with my makeup and primers, and on its own leaves a beautiful glow to the skin. It does have a smell that lingers (I’m not sure if the fragrance was added or it’s just that generic sunscreen smell) but it does eventually dissipate. However if you’re sensitive to smells this may agitate you. Another might be con is white cast. Again I’m very fair so a white cast doesn’t really do much to me, and I can’t speak for deep skin tones but I suspect it would leave a white cast for them. It sucks that that white cast is the price to pay for a good mineral sunscreen. I will repurchase this time and time again and I hope they never discontinue. Oh and the packaging is beautiful! I will continue to purchase it! A little pricey but worth it .